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Plant Express Tools

Plant Express Tools were created to capture high value one-off functions that do not fit into any of the other PlantTools. Customers wanted the ability to copy or rename their AutoCAD® P&ID and AutoCAD® Plant 3D projects. Plant project administrators were in need of a quick and easy way to manage selection lists in their plant project configurations. Also it’s possible to find your symbols in your drawings by using the coordinate function. AutoCAD® P&ID and AutoCAD® Plant 3D don’t always update Tags and acquisition rules properly. With PlantExpressTools you can update tags and acquisitions within your drawing or the whole project by the click of a button. Also assemblies can be handled to group parts of you P&ID drawing into logical groups. Last but not least you can ex- and import symbol and class properties to quickly modify values through a csv file. From/To-Update finally delivers sensible From and To values for Line Segments as well as LineGroups so you can create meaningful line lists.

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