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Autodesk Inventor OEM

Autodesk Inventor OEM is a development platform that allows you to create a stand-alone application built on Autodesk Inventor technology.
It will appear as your custom application since it is installed using your installer, licensed with your licensing, and is branded as your product. You can choose to include Inventor commands as-is or create your own commands. The interface into the platform functionality is the Inventor API. Your functionality is supplied through an add-in.

Autodesk Inventor OEM is essentially Inventor with a few changes. It is modular. You can choose to have an application that only needs part functionality, part and assembly functionality, or part, assembly, and drawing functionality. The branding is configurable so you can define your own application name, splash screen, application icons, executable name, etc. It is fully independent of Inventor with regards to shared files and registry entries. This means it can be installed on a machine that has Inventor or another OEM application and run side-by-side. It is independent of Autodesk licensing, allowing you to incorporate your own licensing.

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