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Autodesk AutoCAD for Mac

Working in a mixed-platform environment just got a lot easier.
Drawing incompatibly is a thing of the past.Passing drawings around the office across platforms is now hassle-free thanks to Xref path management. Your drawing package can go across platforms without breaking. You can now work on a Mac within a Windows server environment without problems.Switching between platforms is easier than ever. Popular Windows functions such as Express tools, CHSPACE, PASTEBLOCK, and Command line enhancements reduce the friction of going back and forth between platforms. New AutoCAD features such as Revision clouds, DIM command enhancements, and Command preview enable the Mac version to work seamlessly.

A better-performing AutoCAD for Mac
Create significantly smaller PDFs with text that is both selectable and searchable.Move around effortlessly within the canvas.Drawings are more navigable with optimized panning and zooming functionality.

The most “Mac” AutoCAD experience ever
Quicker, smaller updates improve AutoCAD incrementally, so you can avoid time-consuming downloads altogether. Working with Properties editor is simplified, too. No more scrolling through the whole list; now you can display just the properties you care about.

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