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Autodesk Advance Steel

Advance Steel is a leading edge steel construction application designed for steel professionals. It provides a simple user-friendly working environment for creating 3D structural models from which drawings are created.

The three dimensional model is created and stored in a drawing (in DWG format). The Advance Steel model forms the basis of the 3D construction. Complex structures are created using Advance Steel structural elements (e.g., a stairway) with all the required features, joints, and connections, within a command.

The Advance Steel model becomes the master reference for other tools:

  • Dimensioned and labeled general arrangement and shop drawings are automatically created from the model.
  • The Advance Document Manager manages all general arrangement and shop drawings. The update tool in the Document Manager makes single click drawing adjustments possible after model changes.
  • Structured BOMs (bills of materials) and NC-information are also created from the model and include all model information such as part marks and quantities. The Document Manager also controls these documents.

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