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15 March 2017
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Mark Kelly

Cadgroup 3D PDF creator – a Cadgroup subscription benefit.

Cadgroup offers some unique benefits to our valued subscription customers. One such benefit is Revit.XT which has a comprehensive suite of tools to aid in entire process of designing and detailing your project but  other unique benefit is the Cadgroup 3D PDF Creator that sits inside Revit as an add-on and which allows you to create high-quality 3D PDF’s of your model and that’s the topic of this Cadblog entry.

Cadgroup 3D PDF allows you to create a compact, easily transportable file that can be read by any of the commonly available PDF viewers such as Adobe Reader and Bluebeam VU. In the case of Bluebeam VU, the recipient is able to select items and read data about the element if it is embedded in the object (more about this below).

Creating a PDF is very simple. Open a 3D view and then click on the add-ons tab in Revit.  There are advanced options when saving the file such as detail level, graphics style (in the exported PDF) and background colour to name a few.

The file will then automatically open in your system default PDF viewer. Below is a screencap of the results of an export from Revit into Bluebeam Vu.


About the topic of free PDF viewers, we do recommend Bluebeam VU as it has many features in addition to those found in Adode Reader.

You can download Bluebeam VU from here –

The paid versions on Bluebeam are called Revu and this unassuming piece of software that offers an amazing range of different tools and tricks. And best of all, it has print presets that are configured for software such as Autocad, Revit and Microsoft Office.


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